Twelve Hours

0800 Running tour of statues on campus with eminent professor of biomedical science (hi, Cornelius)
0900 – 1200 Completed a paper I’m not really proud of (it’s always an option)
1240 Walked to ORC with a friend
1400 – 1630 Hiking at Radnor Lake with the Outdoor Rec Center
1700 Dinner from Leaf (ie. salad)
1800 Cheered furiously for Memorial House in the kickball championship (we lost)
1900 Showered, changed, called a cab for the first time (never again)
1950 Listened to Matrimony at 3rd & Lindsley
2030 Met “freelance musicians” at my table (who knew of such a thing)
2100 Rocked out with IVAN & ALYOSHA

This is why I picked Nashville.

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